BiGR Audio

Major League Baseball

Your ears remember…

…a day from your youth. Footsteps up the ramp, your view expanding to an enormous
stadium with the crowd whispering in anticipation. You take your seat as the vendor
shouts “Popcorn here!”. You hear the sound of your fist hitting your mitt, hoping
for that one fly ball. As the first batter steps into the box , the volume of the crowd
starts to rise… and then BOOM! A home run! The roar of the crowd shakes the
stadium while you feel the exhilaration of your team taking the lead!
BiGR AUDIO’s Officially Licensed Major League Baseball headphones give you that
huge “stadium sound” that you remember from that day… you’ll feel that same
exhilaration while 50mm drivers pulse with the same rhythm as the cheering crowd.

Revisit the moment…