About Us

BiGR Audio is a leading, consumer electronics company specializing in personal headphones and audio accessories. Founded in 2009 and located in Southern California, BiGR Audio’s mission is to provide consumers with headphones and audio products that sound great and reflect individual tastes and environmental awareness. BiGR Audio is an accumulation of Rich Bracke aka BIG RICH’s knowledge of product design, manufacturing, marketing, and consumer trends. 

BiGR achieves its mission by leveraging a collection of sports, fashion and iconic brands paired with leading technologies and environmental conscience products. In so doing, BiGR Audio leads the market with functional designs, and environmental friendly products and packaging for consumers truly interested in wearing statement headphones. 

BiGR Audio manufactures and distributes devices lifestyle headphones with modern components. Our headphones stimulate the feelings of a period come to life by sound by drawing from the Sports, Art, Fashion and Music of the era; with cutting edge technology. BIG RICH hopes you will enjoy listening to them as much as he has enjoyed creative them. 

BiGR Audio headphones can be found on retail shelves and online marketplaces including Best Buy and Amazon with licensed brands including Major League Baseball, Bruce Lee, Rolling Stone Magazine and our own BiGR Audio brand.